Forgetting Amnesia

According to Wikipedia, there are two types anterograde and retrograde amnesia, and many different sub types. Basically you either can’t make new memories, or you can’t remember a particular event or series of events.

Based on our theoretical brain model, every human is capable of making new memories at any time, so what is stopping some people?

For starters, what are the main causes of memory loss?

  1. Sleep Apnea
  2. Stroke
  3. Medications
  4. Nutritional Deficiency
  5. Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Less Common Causes

  1. Head Trauma
  2. Infection
  3. Tumors
  4. Substance abuse

Can we neatly tie all of these together? Yes. Each of these is either a cause or a symptom of brain entropy. Mental strain.  If that sounds ridiculous to you, you have a lot of reading to do. I haven’t even written my posts about strokes and sleep apnea, but I’ll link them back when I finish them. 

So if you are out of your ground state, your memory is worse. Not only your recall of past events but also your process of making new memories.

Think about it, in retrograde amnesia, the subject was in a very stressful situation for a period of time, but now their brain works fine. In anterograde amnesia, the same mental stress is currently acting on the subject preventing them from accumulating new memories. So the only question is: is the stress gone yet? 

To those suffering memory loss, what did you have for breakfast yesterday? What did you do in the past five minutes? Hone in on the gaps in your memory and see if you can identify the stresses that are causing them at any given point. 



Solving the Gender Mystery

The next time you go to a gender reveal, this may give you the leg up on which color cupcake to eat. Or maybe you’ll go to great lengths to try to swing the odds in your favor. Truth is, a lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to figure this puzzle out. 

I formerly thought that when a tendency to produce the two sexes in equal numbers was advantageous to the species, it would follow from natural selection, but I now see that the whole problem is so intricate that it is safer to leave its solution for the future.

Charles Darwin

Well, what do we know about this strange phenomenon?

  • Billionaires have more sons. 
  • After wars, many more sons are born.
  • More men are born in China. Way more. To the point where they are taking drastic measures to equalize their gender birth ratios.
  • Famine causes a drop in male birth.
  • Older parents are more likely to have daughters.
  • If you have brothers, you are more likely to have boys. If you have sisters, you are more likely to have girls.

So can we neatly package all this into one great theory? Eh…kinda. We know that the father contributes [according to the genetic model] the X or Y chromosome, meaning he would determine the eventual sex of the baby. In looking at the strange facts above, the conditions with less stress produce more boys. So the more you reduce stress, the better chance you have of having a boy.

Think about it.

A famine raises stress. After a war, people are at peace. Billionaires have an unusual amount of comfort in their lives. The diet and lifestyle of those in China and eastern Asia is very different than most of the rest of the world.

Older parents would parallel our proof on Down Syndrome. As parents grow older, they have greater brain entropy, which increases their odds in having a girl.

If you have brothers, you’ll have boys. This is a little trickier to explain. But in short, you’d inherit the mindset from your father. It sounds like science fiction, but we already say that anxiety or depression can run in families. I’m not arguing with that. [I’m arguing that these people were not plagued to be unhappy or anxious from the beginning. And that their misery is reversible.]

Short answer: higher brain entropy [in dads] makes more girls. Don’t misread. It’s not only girls. It just tips the scales in your favor. Billionaires have boys 65% of the time. Give me those odds in blackjack and I’d play all day long. 

Here’s my take on itThe desired result would typically favor boys. To carry on the family name, to continue the dynasty…whatever. The more stress that is introduced to the lives of the parents, the more unstable that household becomes. By having the more unstable families produce more girls, you actually make the world a better place. If the most stressed parents produced the same amount of boys, we’d naturally trend to a more and more unstable environment for our kids. Men were designed to be the leaders of the households, and those closer to their ground states are more likely to have boys. 

Additionally, the people with the most stress in their lives [furthest from their ground state] may not be able to get pregnant at all. It will take us to a human evolution mechanism that we will explore later. 



Design Your Own Placebo

That pill that does nothing…does something. It’s clearly proof of mind over matter. The million dollar question is why. 

We know that the mind controls the body. So if the introduction of this pill into your system solves your problem, what does that say about the nature of your problem?

I’d say that it was that these problems were our own doing from the start. There was some logical loop frying our system that changed the output of our brain. By putting this pill into the system, and convincing us that it’s going to help us, our brains sidestep the loop due to no help of the pill. We just needed a reason to doubt the logic in the first place.

Placebos seem to be most effective on pain, nausea, chronic fatigue, and depression. What does that say about the nature of those diseases? We need a pill to tell us that these diseases are all in our heads. 

Sham surgeries are also apparently a thing. Doctors will cut you open, do nothing, and stitch you back up. The craziest part of all, they seem to work as well as traditional procedures in some areas. You read that right. Even fake surgeries seem to work. How can that possibly be?

Something to try at home: If the placebo effect is all in your mind anyways, can you convince yourself that you just took a pill to help your ailment? It sounds ridiculous, but if the nature of the problem is all in your mind, design your own Trojan Horse to retake your throne. 



ED is a Brain Disease

You’ve heard the story of Viagra. It started out as a blood pressure drug, and doctors noticed that it was having consistent positive side effects in men.

The question is why. If high blood pressure starts in the brain, what did this drug do that helped men…perform?

If Viagra helps relax men and gets them closer to their ground state, why don’t we all just take it daily? Because it has side effects. And that is no way to function day in and day out.

Here are the causes of erectile dysfunction, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome — a condition involving increased blood pressure, high insulin levels, body fat around the waist and high cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Tobacco use
  • Peyronie’s disease — development of scar tissue inside the penis
  • Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse
  • Sleep disorders
  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems due to stress, poor communication or other concerns

Whoa. We’ve posted about almost all of these disorders. What does it all mean? It means that the only obstacle between you and a great sex life is you. 

Most of these disorders originate in the brain, whether or not we know it yet. You may need to take a look at my archived posts.

Remember: There was a time when everything worked properly, and it’s not too late to get back there again…without medication. Your health and sanity depends on it. 

So what is the next step? 

Identify the root of your problems. Identify your stresses, and confront them head on. The solution is different for everyone, but the condition is reversible. The fact that your penis doesn’t work is not your main problem. It’s a symptom of the stress in your life keeping you from reaching your ground state, where you were meant to be.

You need more sleep than your kids

So stop putting them to bed so early.

If you look at the brain with the entropy model that we’ve proven, kids have the lowest amount of brain entropy [in general]. Because they have the lowest amount of brain entropy, they need less recovery time to zero out the stresses of their day. Read my post about sleep for more on how this works.

It’s why you can’t keep up with them. And Coffee is not going to help you, long term.

It’s why they have so much energy. Science has shown that they have greater energy levels than endurance athletes.

There is no set amount of time that anyone should sleep. Especially kids. What’s important is that they enjoy their days enough to not want to sleep, and that they can identify when they start getting tired and lay down.


Rethinking IQs

Your IQ doesn’t matter. Not in the way you’re thinking, at least. They are important to help determine the state of the mind, at least, but they shouldn’t determine who your friends are or what you think of yourself. 

IQs change over time. No one is going to argue with this statement. The question is why, and is it reversible?

What should your IQ mean to you?

It should show you how well your brain in optimized for your life, at the current moment. There are much easier ways to test this without wasting thirty minutes on a computer, but do what you need to do.

Your IQ is about as important as your blood pressure. If it’s low, you’re doing something wrong. But it’s only a snapshot of your state of mind at this moment.

You have the capability of being a genius. You probably don’t use your mind right. You can change that though. You decide how your mind operates.

So how can you optimize your brain?

  1. Learn how to see without glasses.
  2. Remove your filters.
  3. Question your fears.
  4. Debug your logic daily.

How do you know if it’s working?

Apart from eyesight, memory is the easiest way to test. Think about what you ate for breakfast yesterday. When I first started this, I’d really struggle. Now I can tell you exactly what I ate, who was there, what they were wearing, and what was on TV. It’s all about the details.

Test your memory a couple times per day. Try to hone in on what changed in between the tests. Why did I remember so much more clearly right before bed than I did at after lunch? We’re you stressed about something? Could it have been something you ate? Was your blood sugar high or low? Did you just get done working out?

Find your sweet spot and repeat the loop until you’re satisfied with the results. You deserve a brain that’s fully optimized for your life. Just be sure to send me a thank you note with some of your new free time. 



Is Left Handedness a Symptom?

Many of us are plagued with problems with scissors, spiral notebooks, chainsaws and guitars. Science has never answered the question of why people are left handed, and what it means. So here it goes…

Is being left handed nurture or nature?

It’s a result of how you’re wired, but that is something you control, and something you can change. It’s your nature that is defined by your environment and experiences. So it is nature and nurture.

What comes with being left handed?

  • shorter life expectancy
  • greater risk of dyslexia
  • greater risk of autoimmune disease
  • strong link to ADHD
  • a variety of neuropsychiatric and developmental disorders like autism spectrum disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and alcoholism 
  • lower-birth-weight and complications at birth
  • more likely to become alcholic
  • higher risk of psychosis
  • more affected by fear

Those are some terrible things. Why would these things all happen to the same group of people? 

So being left handed is a brain disease? No, but it is a symptom. It’s a symptom of flawed logic. It’s a symptom of being out of the flow and ground state. It’s symptom of how you view the world based on your mindset and your experiences.

Is it curable? Yes.

What about the whole left brain/right brain theory?

Complete bullshit. Yes, the brain will learn to operate with the restrictions you place on it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s optimized.

What about left handed athletes?

  • Phil Mickelson [otherwise right handed]
  • Lionel Messi
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Rafael Nadal [otherwise right handed]
  • Barry Bonds
  • Martina Navratilova
  • Bill Russell
  • Babe Ruth

Being left handed definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t play professional sports. It won’t even keep you out of the hall of fame. Some people succeed in spite of themselves. And some use their different mindset as an advantage.

You can change your handedness. You can change your brain.

For decades, we forced people to learn to write or eat with their right hands. I’m not saying that. Your dominant hand is a symptom of the state of your mind, so forcing yourself to write with the other hand is not going to change anything. [It actually will just stress you out.]

It’s about a different perspective of the world. And that perspective sets your mind. And your mind controls your body, and in this case what hand you’re going to pick up a fork with.

The real question is: how do you change your perspective? I would start with our brain model that views the human mind as a perfect computer. To change your perspective, you need to rewrite some of the logic in your brain. Doubt some of your fears. Challenge your own mindset. 

What about all the brilliant and talented left-handers?

I’m definitely not saying that you can’t be talented as a lefty. Some of the most famous, brilliant, and talented people in history have been left handed. It’s just correlated with some negative health risks, so this is about tackling the unanswered question of why.