Searching for Truth

A Skeptic Search For Truth

I really didn’t set out to do anything important. I just wanted better vision. I wanted to stop worrying about contacts and glasses, and I hoped that it would make me a better athlete. That’s when I opened Pandora’s box.

Because if I can see, why can’t you? And if eyesight is correctable, why does everyone wear glasses?

If science got this wrong, what else did it get wrong? Short answer: a lot.

With this little crumb of evidence, I began to see the world with a new set of eyes. I began to see mental illness as curable, and sought to prove that. We developed a brain model that basically said the brain works, and used that model to make some really exciting conclusions.

We’ve used this model to address mysteries that have baffled scientists and doctors for centuries:

We’ve also developed new theories on mental illnesses including:

From there, we concluded that if the mind was made to work, the body must be made to work also. We theorized about diabetes, kidney disease, HIV, ED and concussions.

We used our theory of the mind to explore the mysteries of sports, including:

I realized, that my theories weren’t much different than Christianity. The idea that we were all created in the image of God was not different from my idea that the brain works, under the right conditions and with the right logic. So with this radically new perspective, I began to look at the Bible differently. Instead of regarding it as true, I began to see it as the Truth. I excitedly dove in to give my perspective on:

Don’t take my word for it. Explore these ideas for yourself. Come to your own conclusions. Test on yourself. The truth is out there. It’s our job to find it.