Gender Identity Crisis

This is something that you hear about all the time nowadays. Someone is transitioning from being a man to being a woman. 

Let’s break this down for a minute. There are two possibilities if you’ve gotten to this point: what I see in the mirror is true. Or my thoughts are true.

To swap genders, you must believe that your thoughts are truer than your body. They are in obvious conflict, and something has to give. Either the mind or the body.

But our minds have a history of deceiving us. How often have you thought something and been wrong? What if everyone who had suicidal thoughts valued those over their own bodies? 

I think we can agree that our thoughts are not necessarily true. I can worry about things that may or may not happen tomorrow, or in the next year. The fact that I think them does not make them true.

But my organs are something that I cannot deny. They are, as surely as I am.

So the question is only what should I believe, my mind or my eyes?  One has a history of misleading me, the other is undeniable.

But if there is no good reason to believe that these thoughts could be false, and culture tells us that they are true or good or natural, we may start to believe them. They may become part of us. And we may value those thoughts over whatever we see in the mirror.